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Canadian Real Estate Andex Chart

The Canadian Real Estate Andex Chart presents a fascinating look at Canadian real estate…

Vancouver Real Estate – 1977-2007
Vancouver Real Estate-1977-2007

Now, just because you hear on the news that the real estate market is tanking you don’t run and put a “For Sale” sign on your lawn do you?

Of course not!

Because you are a patient and disciplined investor – right?

So don’t do it either to any of your other investment holdings…

Remember, it’s time in the market – not timing the market where you will make money.

This applies equally to all markets…be it: real estate, stocks or bonds…

Check out another resource that I want to share with you…

This video that I made that represents the various asset classes and their historical returns.

“When 8% Beats 13% – The Importance Of Correct Asset Allocation In Your Investments!”

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