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Did you know?!

That regardless of your level of education, you are a human being
and you have the capacity to learn if you so choose.

As a human being, you were born pre-equipped with all the tools
you need to create prosperity and financial well being for yourself
and your family!

These tools include intellect, emotion, instinct, ability to develop
habits (both productive and counter-productive) the ability to
communicate, the ability to make choices, and an amazing capacity (at
least equal to the next person) to become successful.

You simply need proper instruction on how to use these tools –
the tools you already possess – for YOUR personal success.

“21 Days To Your Success” is our Ecourse that is designed to
give you this instruction.

In a hurry?

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What you choose to do with your very own and personal wealth-building
tools is entirely up to you!

These tools are yours and yours alone and are the most valuable
resources you have at your disposal for your success!

Now you only need to allow them to grow and develop and you will
begin by applying the techniques that are going to be shared with
you in this training program – just as the wealthy do.

Still the burning questions remain!

Why is it that some people become successful and independently
wealthy while others face a dull life and struggle just to pay
the rent and put food on the table?

What is it that they know that the other social classes do not?

With over 28 years of experience as a financial planner, I have asked
myself that very same question over and over again.

To my mind, it would only seem logical that anyone who is aware of
their ability to become successful and create wealth would aggressively
exercise that ability to acquire their own financial independence.

And then one day the answer hit me with the force of a freight train!

People were essentially looking for someone else to “guarantee” their
success in life.

It then became clear to me that most people simply have no knowledge
whatsoever of the secrets the wealthy use to create success in their
lives and by extension – their wealth.

Or the resources that they use to empower themselves!

To begin with, the one undeniable fact which I consider to be the
most important brick in the foundation of successful living and true
wealth creation is that:

“The only guarantee you will ever receive for your own success is
the “guarantee” you provide to yourself.”

In fact, I believe that:

“The best way to predict your future is to create it….”

I realize this may be disappointing and uncomfortable to hear.

However, it is fact!

If you are looking for any form of guarantee from anyone other than
yourself, you had better redirect your attention back to the person
in the mirror and seriously consider your level of commitment to your
own success.

Nobody can, will or ever should provide you with an unconditional
guarantee that you will become wealthy or that you will attain your
life’s dreams, goals and ambitions.

There is not a single person out there today who will carve for you
on tablets of stone a guarantee that you will be successful
from your efforts.


The answer is simple.

Nobody can guarantee that you will do what it takes to become

Nobody can guarantee that you will follow the instructions
provided to you for techniques which have been tried, tested and
proven through the ages by the world’s most successful individuals.

Nobody can guarantee your willingness to be coached or trained
with regard to how success in life and financial wealth is really
created – and the mindset that is necessary for the journey.

And nobody can guarantee that you will apply what you learn to your
own life.

The only guarantee you will ever receive is the commitment that you
provide to yourself:

To become successful – no matter what it takes!

The techniques for achieving success can easily be taught to you by
those who have already achieved it.

However, if success and financial independence is truly your core desire,
the commitment to make your desire a reality must come from within you.

This means that you must take action on your own behalf.

To make yourself successful – follow the advice and instruction of those
who already are. The sooner you realize and accept this as the truth, the
sooner you will be able to take control of your own financial destiny.

You must understand how successful types become that way and begin modeling
what they do.

You will become successful only by duplicating the behaviors of those
who have already created success for themselves.

So, it all begins with the information we are about to share with you
in this Ecourse – “21 Days To Your Success”.

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Pay close attention and carefully consider how you can apply this
information to your own life and financial situation.

We cannot mentor or train anyone who refuses to recognize where he
or she might be going wrong with their current methods.

This is because they really don’t want to change the way they
are doing things.

In order to create success, you must first understand and eliminate
what is keeping you from generating the success, wealth and dreams in
your life that you desire.

We trust that you will find the information you are about to learn of
great value to you.

If success, realizing your goals and dreams and the accumulation of
financial wealth is truly your core desire, the path has been paved
for you in the lessons to come.

The decision to take immediate action is all yours to make.

If you follow closely, you too may immediately begin reaping the benefits
by creating a wonderful peace of mind and assurance as you see yourself
getting closer to your goals…

We have created the plan for you – over the next 21 days you will
find out what it is…you will be getting an email from us each and
every day – for 21 days!

Now, its all up to you to grab your goals!

So, start today…

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Looking forward to seeing you on the “inside” of “21 Days To Your Success”.

Here’s to your success!


Mark Huber

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Moshe’s expertise is on the interplay between financial risk management and personal wealth management. In addition to teaching he also works as a consultant for a variety of financial services companies and pension funds. He has been interviewed by Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron’s, Fortune and Money Magazine.

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